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If you are here, then you are probably wanting a bit of a back story about me, so here it is:

Having found out about Twitch in December 2018, my  Twitch account was created and started off as nothing but a regular viewer account in support of 0ther content creators. Within a very short amount of time, I had found that I had shared a lot of common insterests with a lot of other viewers within the communities that I was becoming a part of and I started to make quite a few friends, some of whom, had started to attempt to convince me to give streaming “a try”.

While I constantly tried to find reasons why I shouldn’t give streaming a try (mainly because streaming rigs were well outside of my budget at the time, or so I thought), eventually, I was convinced to get the cheapest microphone that I could find and just try it on my “Potato” PC first.

On the 3rd Feb 2019, I attempted my very first live stream. To my suprise, not only did my Potato PC manage to run the most simple and basic of stream setups, but I also found that I immensely enjoyed the whole process of streaming. On 14th Feb 2019, I was able to achieve affiliate status at Twitch.

This moment was a turning point, because the idea of even getting “affiliate” status seemed completely unreasonable. It made me decide to challenge myself, to see just how wrong I could possibly be about my initial opinion, that streaming would amount to nothing. I decided to stream only once a week (work and other responsibilities) and I saved every cent that I could so that I could acquire some better streaming equipment.

The channel experienced slow and steady growth, eventually making me add in a second stream and then a third stream each week. To my amazement, it didn’t stop, the growth just kept going, slow and steady and on 27th Oct 2021, I was able to achieve PARTNER Status at Twitch.

Which bring us to now, where streaming is now turning into a possible career and the viewers and I are working hard on building a community based on love, friendship, acceptance and support.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my little story, I look forward to communicating with you during the next live stream.