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When I play and stream Minecraft, I use a mod called Content Creator Integration (CCI), created by iChun. It lets me connect my twitch account to my game and in doing so, my viewers and community can affect my game directly from stream. CCI, in my opinion, is the most powerful and versatile mod of its kind. With its extensive editor and all the options available in the editor, streamers and content creators have found ways to make very creative and unique setups, varying in complexity. If you want to find out more about CCI, click here

My own setup has developed a reputation of being one of the nastiest/most complex. With it, the community can either help me (with heals or food interactions) or make me suffer (by summoning entities on me) with the use of channel points, raids, Subscriptions(and Resubscriptions), Gift Subscriptions, giving bits(per 100 bit increment) and Tips (Which some countries refer to as “Donations”).

This probably sounds fairly basic and is the same as what everyone else does. Yes, It does sounds like that, so far. But, in my setup, it is only just the start.

There are benefits based on how many months you are subscribed in a row, with each consecutive month making the summons harder than the previous month. There are also very special events for Mass Gift Subscriptions (Gifting 5 and 10 subscriptions) where the usual entity that gets summoned for a Gift Subscription gets replaced with a much more brutal entity.

Do you have a Java Minecraft Account and your name is different to your twitch name?
Would you like to see your Minecraft Skin on the miniature that you summon on me?
We have you covered, just ask during a live stream and you will find out how you can set your own skin directly from stream chat.

One final layer of complexity, everything that you have read above that is in my setup, are also all parts of an overall levelling system.
A system where each time the community reaches a milestone of support, firstly, there is a big fireworks event in my game and a big message for everyone to see the accomplishment, THEN, my entire setup gets an overhaul.
Every summon that is currently in my setup either receives an upgrade or gets replaced with a more difficult entity.
This levelling system also creates and controls a custom bossbar at the top of my game, so that the community can see how far they are from reaching the next milestone.

Want to find out more, feel free to visit one of my streams and see it in action.